What If My Child Wanted To Date Outside Of Their Race

What If My Child Wanted To Date Outside Of Their Race

Interracial dating is nothing new these days. No matter where you go, you will see an couple that is interracial. Heck, I remember growing up, and all the girls that are white liked the few black boys in our town had to hide it. It was a major NO, No!

If you’ve read my blog in the past, you know I’ve touched on Race In America. If you’re in my Facebook Group, you know I even do LIVES talking about Race. Hey, we will never grow as individuals nor as a society if we don’t have open, real and raw discussions.

So….the question came up in our home about “dating” (“”cause where are you going?) and dating outside of our race. Well, I paused and said, “I would throat punch him!” My child choked and said, “well, that escalated quickly. So, you would have a problem with us dating a guy outside of our race?” I casually smiled and said, “I would interrogate any fella that is little liked my daughters.”

Let me give you the rundown on my concerns about interracial teen dating for my daughters.

Any little guy who wanted to “date” my daughters would have a series of questions. And for the man that is young was not black, he would have a few more questions. The main one being…. Are YOUR PARENTS AWARE THE GIRL YOU LIKE IS BLACK?!

Why would this be an important and direct question? She is child that is MY and I must protect her. How will the parents react once they see her? Will they make comments that are insulting mistreat her, etc.? Are you sneaking to see and talk to her? All of these plain things matter to me. As an adult, these situations can be handled by you with family members. As a teen, not so much. Continue reading “What If My Child Wanted To Date Outside Of Their Race”